Best WordPress Hosting Round 2



Part 2 of the  Best Wordpress Hosting series features 4 different WordPress hosting providers. My original thread in which Kickassd dominated became a little longer than I wanted so I have slimmed things down a little for this article. Tests are run using Siege to replicate concurrent users over 11 different URLs from each test site. This more accurately represents real world use. If you are interested in more detailed information about the tests run and the purpose of these comparisons please see the original post linked above.

Let’s Get Started with our Best WordPress Hosting Round 2!

WordPress Hosts Tested In This Article



Media Temple



A note on A2: They offer supposedly WordPress Hosting but that leads directly to their regular shared hosting and there is no difference performance or environment wise.


A2 Hosting Environment, Resources, And Price

Plan Name: Lite

Platforms: cPanel + CloudLinux

SSD Storage: Yes

Plan Cost: $7.99/mo USD

Ram: 512MB

CPU: 1 Core

IO: 1000K/sec (ouch)

Webserver: Apache

Server Side Caching: No

Mysql: Yes

PHP Memory: 256MB

PHP 7: Yes


A2Hosting Siege First Run (No WordPress Cache)

Starting with 50 Concurrent users immediately made the site unavailable, as did 25. So I dropped to 15 and it was ok, but site response time was slow.

Lifting the server siege... done.

Transactions: 9166 hits
Availability: 100.00 %
Elapsed time: 1799.37 secs
Data transferred: 378.64 MB
Response time: 1.45 secs
Transaction rate: 5.09 trans/sec
Throughput: 0.21 MB/sec
Concurrency: 7.39
Successful transactions: 9166
Failed transactions: 0
Longest transaction: 75.73
Shortest transaction: 0.24





A2Hosting Siege First Run (WP Super Cache)

I moved it up to 20 concurrent users as using the cache it really should be able to handle another 5 users, but turns out it struggled with it as you will see from the results. Resources are still lightly used but still we are seeing failed transactions and availability drops which is not a good thing.

siege -c20 -d3 -t30M -i -f /root/site_a2hosting.txt

Lifting the server siege... done.

Transactions: 21320 hits
Availability: 99.91 %
Elapsed time: 1799.20 secs
Data transferred: 884.27 MB
Response time: 0.20 secs
Transaction rate: 11.85 trans/sec
Throughput: 0.49 MB/sec
Concurrency: 2.38
Successful transactions: 21320
Failed transactions: 20
Longest transaction: 14.30
Shortest transaction: 0.06




I bumped it up 10 concurrent users at a time and each time failed transactions and availability dropped until at 50 concurrent users failed transactions became so great that the test failed. Surprisingly site load time stayed under 2 seconds up to 50 users but just too many failed transactions, which means the site was unavailable to many of the users.



A note on Doteasy: They offer supposedly WordPress Hosting but it is to their regular shared hosting and there is no difference performance or environment wise.


DotEasy Hosting Environment, Resources, And Price

Plan Name: Unlimited

Platforms: cPanel + CloudLinux

SSD Storage:  No (Not available on monthly plans)

Plan Cost: $13.95/mo USD

Ram: 1024MB

CPU: 1 Core

IO: 1Mbit/sec (ouch)

Webserver: Apache

Server Side Caching: No

Mysql: Yes

PHP Memory: 128MB

PHP 7: No (PHP 5.6)


DotEasy Hosting Siege First Run (No WordPress Cache)

I started the testing with 15 concurrent users at this is kind of the bare minimum I expect the account to handle with no caching active. Unfortunately DotEasy had issues at this level. There were no failed connections but the test site did slow to a crawl.

siege -c15 -d3 -t30M -i -f /root/site_doteasy.txt

Lifting the server siege... done.

Transactions: 3469 hits
Availability: 100.00 %
Elapsed time: 1799.72 secs
Data transferred: 60.86 MB
Response time: 6.27 secs
Transaction rate: 1.93 trans/sec
Throughput: 0.03 MB/sec
Concurrency: 12.09
Successful transactions: 3469
Failed transactions: 0
Longest transaction: 8.84
Shortest transaction: 0.74




As you can see we maxed out the CPU quite easily. let’s try with WP Super Cache 🙂


DotEasy Hosting Siege Second Run (WP Super Cache)

I ran first 25 and 30 concurrent users. 25 ran ok and 30 did ok and page load times stayed under 2 seconds. At 30 seconds though we started to see many failed transactions and availability dropped. CPU use stayed between 85 and 90% with low RAM use. 25 concurrent users would be the max I would feel comfortable running this DotEasy account at.


siege -c30 -d3 -t30M -i -f /root/site_doteasy.txt

Lifting the server siege... done.

Transactions: 23876 hits
Availability: 98.45 %
Elapsed time: 1800.01 secs
Data transferred: 951.26 MB
Response time: 0.74 secs
Transaction rate: 13.26 trans/sec
Throughput: 0.53 MB/sec
Concurrency: 9.82
Successful transactions: 23876
Failed transactions: 377
Longest transaction: 12.68
Shortest transaction: 0.14




Media Temple offers WordPress hosting and unlike the others that offered WordPress hosting, MT actually does offer WordPress specific and tuned hosting. I expected this to perform well similar to our Cloudways as they use a very similar stack and caching. I was right and it does perform well. One thing I did not previously know, is that MT is actually owned by GoDaddy.

MediaTemple Hosting Environment, Resources, And Price

Plan Name: Wordpress Personal

Platforms: Custom

Plan Cost: $20/mo USD

Ram: NA



Webserver: Apache

Server Side Caching: Yes (Varnish, Memcached, APC Opcode)

Mysql: Yes

PHP Memory: NA

PHP 7: No (I was surprised at first to learn that MT uses PHP 5.4 which is EOL)


Media Temple Hosting Siege Run

There is no way to disable caching for a non-cache run and also there is no point running a WordPress cache Plugin such as WP Super Cache as MT already has this functionality built into their stack. So I just ran tests until I saw availability drop below 100% and load times start to spike. This happened at 600 Concurrent users which is really quite good and miles ahead of the other hosts I tested in this comparison.

siege -c600 -d3 -t10M -i -f /usr/local/etc/mp_urls.txt

Lifting the server siege...
Transactions: 146263 hits
Availability: 99.99 %
Elapsed time: 599.54 secs
Data transferred: 5205.39 MB
Response time: 0.95 secs
Transaction rate: 243.96 trans/sec
Throughput: 8.68 MB/sec
Concurrency: 232.81
Successful transactions: 146263
Failed transactions: 16
Longest transaction: 64.25
Shortest transaction: 0.21


A very respectable performance! It took 1600 Concurrent users before the test site started choking up and load times spiked and availability dropped substantially. I would recommend Media Temples WordPress hosting. Media Temple bumps CloudWays down to # 3 and takes over the #2 spot in our best performing WordPress hosts!


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