Top 5 Best WordPress Hosts

This is our top 5  Best WordPress Hosts. These WordPress hosts stood out from the pack in terms of WordPress performance, they also showed excellence in support, systems, and uptime for the time that we had their service under review.    





    1.) Kickassd WordPress Hosting is a up and comer in the WordPress Hosting scene. They have brought extreme performance,  rock solid stability, excellent support, and some fresh ideas to the table. Kickassd WordPress hosting is not only in the cloud making it high availability but “Elastic”. Here are a few key factors as to why they are different.  


  • Hosted In The Cloud (High Availability)

This eliminates downtime due to hardware failure something that is all to common in WordPress hosting. Not only that but it allows them to take snapshots of each server. These snapshots allow for instant restores of the entire server.  


  • Accounts Are “Elastic” (Eliminates the need in most cases for Upgrades to a VPS / Cloud server)

Migrating your site from the comforts and convenience of shared hosting is not fun in any way. Not only is it stressful the change usually costs substantially more $$. Elastic sites allow you to stay on Kickassd shared cloud WordPress hosting and yet have the power you need with dedicated resources just like a VPS or dedicated server. Scale horizontally as you need. See my original review on kickassd here: Best WordPress Hosting Round 1      






    2.) WPengine is one of the top premium managed WordPress hosting service on the market. They bring bucket loads of experience to the table and have really tuned and refined their WordPress hosting service. My experience with them was great from start to finish, no complaints from me with this service! You can see their performance in our Best Wordpress Hosting Round 3   Jerry Low over at WHST has also written a great review on WP engine which you can read here: WP engine Hosting Review






    3.) Media Temple has been around for quite awhile and has dialed in their WordPress hosting. It is a great WordPress specific environment that performs exceptionally well. Their control panel is slick and the staff friendly and I really like that they have a staging area for sites in testing and development. This is a fully managed WordPress host. You give up some flexibility and freedom but lighten your workload and stress that comes with managing your site. You can see the test results here: Best WordPress Hosting Round 2    







    4.) Pressable is a premium WordPress hosting provider, featuring a custom control panel, staging area, and an optimized stack on Nginx, MariaDB, Memcache, and PHP 7. Unfortunately they do not have Live support, but my 1 submitted ticket was responded to in 2 hours which is not bad but not great either. You can see my Pressable WordPress Hosting Review here:       




roastahost crocweb web hosting review



  5.)  CrocWeb is another WordPress Hosting provider that utilises Litespeed as it’s Webserver and it shows, offering great bang for the buck. CrocWeb like Kickassd offers cPanel shared hosting and so is not restricted to just WordPress hosting. It is too bad they do not make use of Litespeeds Lscache technology which would allow users exceptional caching performance for almost anything you can host. Great performance and support are 2 points where CrocWeb shines.