The Cheap Ass Web Hosting Rant

Roast A Host Cheap Ass Hosting Rant


I do quite a bit of freelance work as a systems admin and spend a lot of time talking with people about their hosting, and it is getting so old. I get e-mails, or Skypes, or text from people in a panic and all pissed off because their site is offline, slow, or their Web Host support taking forever etc. The first thing I ask these people is “How much do you pay for your hosting?”. 99% of them reply with a price that is close to the $5/month mark.

your web hosting costs as much as a big mac

Now they act all surprised, like they had no idea, but yet in the end the thing that is biting them is their own fault in so many ways. This constant and unyielding senseless obsession with wanting cheap ass web hosting has created a market where cheap ass web hosts are constantly undercutting eachother and offering more than their resources and staff can handle. Cheap ass web hosting is supply and demand and everybody demands it. This is why corporations like the infamous EIG are thriving.

If your we presence is at all important to you, and your reputation depends largely on your website, than stop this ridiculous obsession on cheap ass web hosting. 99% of the people that insist on this type of hosting I bet spend 10x more a month on things like Big Macs. Priorities anybody?


Rant Off.



2 thoughts on “The Cheap Ass Web Hosting Rant”

  1. You can get a pretty powerful VPS for $5 a month. I don’t know why you think comparing the cost of hosting to burgers makes sense. It’s an apples to oranges comparison. Providing hosting is a fully automated business while making burgers is not. And you talk of demand and supply so you should know that supply always outstrips demand in this business because it is so easy to provide web hosting and technology advances so fast that costs keep going down and down.

    1. I can’t say that I agree with this. Providing hosting is far far from automated, there is a ton of work that constantly goes on behind the scenes. It does not matter how much work you put into automation it is never really automated, in fact it is never even close when it comes to actual infrastructure.

      I could argue the Big Mac is automated. The slaughterhouse where the cows are butchered and processed is highly automated (I should know I spent a year working in one of the worlds largest). The making of the bread and chopping of the lettuce and pickles is automated. When it comes down to it there is not many things in regards to the Big mac that is not automated and so the comparison in my opinion is valid.

      While an oversupply might have some effect on prices I still believe that the main factor is the customer and what they demand. Try offering hosting at a premium price point. You will have lot’s of lookers, many inquiries but very few will actually purchase, and you will be flooded with potential clients saying they would buy if it was just a few $$ cheaper.

      That is a huge factor in driving providers to lower prices.

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