Linode VS Digital Ocean Performance Comparison



With Linode just recently doubling down on ram I wanted to revisit the performance between these 2 VPS providers and see just how Linode doubling their ram on all VPS has affected performance. I have benchmarked these 2 in the past and it was always Digital Ocean that came out on top. Linode doubling it’s ram on all plans is going to force all of the major providers to rethink their offerings and come up with a counter offer, or they are going to lose a significant amount of their customers to Linode. I mean 2GB for $10 … really?! Considering Ram is probably the most limiting resource for most when it comes to a VPS this is huge.
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All Aboard The Just Get A VPS Train



I have been noticing a very disturbing trend as of late. Where people on forums, Reddit, etc are asking for recommendations on shared Web Hosting and getting many replies like “just get a vps” or “just go to Digital Ocean”. 99% of the people asking for recommendations for a shared host do not have the knowledge and systems administration skills to setup, manage, and secure there own server.

This Is Horrible Advice!

Sure you can head over to DO and have a droplet spun up running WordPress in a few minutes. Here are some questions, if you answer no to more than 1 than really stick with shared hosting.
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