How To Install Siege On Centos 7



Siege is an excellent way to stress test a web environment and or application. Much more flexible and “real world” than AB (Apache Bench), and a great way to see if your Web Hosting provider is providing you what they say they are. Essentially Siege simulates real users visiting your website and you can configure how they visit, how long they visit, and where among other things. Be warned though sending a bunch of virtual users to “Siege” a site can essentially cause a DOS attack and get you in some trouble, so follow this guide and tips carefully.
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Best WordPress Hosting Round 4



Welcome to Round 4 of our WordPress hosting performance comparison! For more information on how my testing works and what I am trying to accomplish please see the original comparison here: Best WordPress Hosting Round 1

The short of it is I use Siege to simulate a large amount of users who are hitting the test site over 15 random URL’s (yes I changed from the original 11) with a random delay of 1-3 seconds per visit per user. Each test runs for 10 minutes and is closely monitored, If I see the site is really struggling or becomes unavailable I stop the test. The goal is to show what each host offers in terms of performance and just how large of a difference caching makes.
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