Kickassd Reloaded


Kickassd has been our reigning #1  best WordPress host since April 2016, and I figured it was time to revisit them, and see what they have been up to. The answer is, a lot! Kickassd has made some changes and all of them as far as I can see, all for the good.

WordPress Hosting


They now have WordPress specific hosting plans with some great goodies and hosted on their blazing fast web stack.

  • Litespeed WordPress cache support
  • Hosted in the cloud! This mean your site has High Availability. (very rare for wordpress hosts)
  • Global OpCode Caching
  • Free backups into the cloud
  • Extended WordPress support (essentially managed WordPress hosting)
  • Phone support
  • Custom security that blocks the majority of attacks at the server
  • Free SSL
  • 1 click install
  • Auto updates on core, plugins, and themes
  • Awesome staging setup using VersionPress, WP-CLI, and GIT. (this is awesome for developers)


Elastic Is Fantatstic



This is quite true in my opinion, and one of the great facts about Kickassd. All user accounts are isolated in a container and have their own resources just like a VPS. You can scale up your account with a click or buy individual resources. 2 of the big things people worry about with shared hosting is performance, and being forced into a VPS because they don’t have enough resources.


Kickassd obviously has the performance bit down to an art. So what is this elastic? Kickassd shared and WordPress hosting scales up until a whopping 6CPU and 12GB of ram all the while maintaining the convenience and familiarity of your shared hosting environment. You no longer have to worry about your future and being forced into a VPS!


Of course there are some exceptions to this. If you want to run something like Node.js than you will need to have a look at their managed Cloud Hosting plans. Or if your CPU use is consistently through the roof, again you would probably be asked to move to a cloud server. But for 98% of you you never have to worry, your future is clear.