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Pressable is a WordPress hosting service that does just WordPress hosting. This is similar to some other hosts I have reviewed who offer only WordPress or have an environment specifically designed for WordPress. Normally I do these review in roundups of 3-4 but a shortage of time as of late has forced me to do them 1 by 1 for now. So without further ado let’s see how Pressable performs!


For more information on how my testing works and what I am trying to accomplish please see the original comparison here: WordPress Hosting Comparison

The short of it is I use Siege to simulate a large amount of users who are hitting the test site over 15 random URL’s (yes I changed from the original 11) with a random delay of 1-3 seconds per visit per user. Each test runs for 10 minutes and is closely monitored, If I see the site is really struggling or becomes unavailable I stop the test. The goal is to show what each host offers in terms of performance and just how large of a difference caching makes.

Pressable Environment, Resources, And Price


Plan Name: 1-5 Sites

Plan Cost: $25/mo USD

Panel: Custom

Ram: N/A



SSD: Yes

Webserver: Nginx

Server Side Caching: Yes (memcache)

Opcode Cache: No

Mysql: MariaDB

PHP Memory: N/A

PHP 7: Yes


Pressable First Run

With Pressable there is no need or point to test with a WordPress caching plugin as caching is already handled at the stack level.

I started off where I usually do and that is 50 concurrent user across 15 URL with a random access of 1-3 seconds for 10 minutes.

siege -c50 -d3 -t10M -i -f /usr/local/etc/pressable_urls.txt


The test site handled it easy, though the load times on GTMetrix were a bit more than I expected. That being said though the server response times from Siege are great.


Lifting the server siege...
Transactions: 16189 hits
Availability: 100.00 %
Elapsed time: 599.71 secs
Data transferred: 580.38 MB
Response time: 0.36 secs
Transaction rate: 26.99 trans/sec
Throughput: 0.97 MB/sec
Concurrency: 9.77
Successful transactions: 16189
Failed transactions: 0
Longest transaction: 5.84
Shortest transaction: 0.22


press-gtmetrix 50s

Things start to go wrong at 450 concurrent users. Server response time starts getting critical and GTmetrix is showing unacceptable page load times of 4-5 seconds, also there started to be some failed transactions.


siege -c450 -d3 -t10M -i -f /usr/local/etc/pressable_urls.txt


Lifting the server siege...
Transactions: 61338 hits
Availability: 99.99 %
Elapsed time: 599.34 secs
Data transferred: 2193.40 MB
Response time: 2.89 secs
Transaction rate: 102.34 trans/sec
Throughput: 3.66 MB/sec
Concurrency: 296.14
Successful transactions: 61338
Failed transactions: 7
Longest transaction: 8.04
Shortest transaction: 0.22




This performance is enough to take over spot number 4 on our top 5 WordPress hosts from Cloudways who started to show similar performance issues a little earlier at 400 concurrent users. I don’t know though if the price difference of + $10 more for Pressable is really worth it though. Nonetheless welcome to our Top 5 WordPress Hosts Pressable!



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