Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review

flywheel wordpress hosting review


I have wanted to try Flywheels WordPress hosting out for some time now, it just sounds cool, and like it should, well fly. So I finally decided to go ahead and give it a go. One thing to note is that on Flywheel each subscription is it’s own VPS similar to Cloudways and Bluehosts Managed WordPress hosting. The “Tiny” plan starts at 1 core and 512MB of ram.


Lucky for me Flywheel provides your account for free with 1 a staging site. The staging site is password protected but newer versions of Siege can be configured to login and pass the authentication and than begin testing. Sorry Flywheel hope you don’t mind, it was for a good cause!

Flywheel Environment, Resources, And Price


Plan Name: Tiny

Plan Cost: $15/mo USD

Panel: Custom

Ram: 512MB

CPU: 1 Core


SSD: Yes

Webserver: Nginx

Server Side Caching: Yes (Varnish)

Opcode Cache: No

Mysql: Mysql 🙁

PHP Memory: N/A

PHP 7: No (PHP 5.5 but should be upgraded to 5.6 in the near future)


Flywheel First Run

Flywheel handles caching server side so we will not be testing with a WordPress caching plugin. The first run as I usually do i hit with 50 Concurrent users with a random 1-3 url access delay, across 15 URL’s which it handled pretty easy. But there was 3 failed transactions. This is something I have seen with other hosts that use Varnish as caching for their stack. Everything else is fast such as server response times, page loads, but there are failed transactions. It really makes me wonder if this is widespread with Varnish and something I plan on look into in the future.


siege -c50 -d3 -t10M -i -f /usr/local/etc/flywheel_urls.txt


Lifting the server siege…
Transactions: 18292 hits
Availability: 99.98 %
Elapsed time: 599.14 secs
Data transferred: 638.01 MB
Response time: 0.13 secs
Transaction rate: 30.53 trans/sec
Throughput: 1.06 MB/sec
Concurrency: 3.88
Successful transactions: 18292
Failed transactions: 3
Longest transaction: 5.08
Shortest transaction: 0.02


Let’s push it some more and see what happens. I did quite a bit of testing and am further convinced that Varnish is just plain unstable as far as dropping sessions. 275 concurrent users was the max I would feel comfortable pushing this environment to, the server stayed fast with only 1 failed transaction. At 310 it pretty much implodes and the test site becomes unusable.


275 Concurrent Users Result

siege -c275 -d3 -t10M -i -f /usr/local/etc/flywheel_urls.txt

Lifting the server siege…
Transactions: 81212 hits
Availability: 100.00 %
Elapsed time: 599.25 secs
Data transferred: 2831.72 MB
Response time: 0.54 secs
Transaction rate: 135.52 trans/sec
Throughput: 4.73 MB/sec
Concurrency: 72.84
Successful transactions: 81212
Failed transactions: 1
Longest transaction: 63.15
Shortest transaction: 0.02


310 Concurrent Users Result

siege -c310 -d3 -t10M -i -f /usr/local/etc/flywheel_urls.txt

Lifting the server siege…
Transactions: 80580 hits
Availability: 99.40 %
Elapsed time: 599.83 secs
Data transferred: 2816.02 MB
Response time: 0.78 secs
Transaction rate: 134.34 trans/sec
Throughput: 4.69 MB/sec
Concurrency: 104.26
Successful transactions: 80580
Failed transactions: 483
Longest transaction: 62.86
Shortest transaction: 0.02


All in all Flywheel unfortunately did not live up to my expectations, there are better choices out there for the price.






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