CrocWeb Web Hosting Review (Performance)

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I have been seeing CrocWeb mentioned a fair bit lately with people being curious about their service and if they should use them. I figured I would do a performance review on them and let people know what they can expect in that regard. Also I will be giving my first impression on them.


CrocWeb First Impression

My first impression of CrocWeb is not a good one. First attempt at Live Chat resulted in me waiting  45 minutes and never actually being answered. My second attempt I finally got somebody whom I could ask the questions I wanted to ask. This person was helpful and answered all of my technical questions.

When ordering the price shown is if you order for 3 years, if you select any other period the price changes. I ordered the Egg Croc which showed a price of $2.95 but after changing to monthly that rises up to $5.95. They do make it easy to see the difference in price but I really dislike this practice of showing a 3 year price, it is intentionally misleading in my opinion as is the unlimited bandwidth. Don’t expect much in the way of connection speed when I/O is limited to 5Mb/sec.


CrocWeb Environment, Resources, And Price

Plan Name: Egg Croc

Plan Cost: $5.95/mo USD

Panel: cPanel

Ram: 1024MB

CPU: 1 Core

IO: 5MB/sec

SSD: Yes

Webserver: Litespeed

Server Side Caching: No

Opcode Cache: Xcache

Mysql: MariaDB

PHP Memory: 256MB

PHP 7: Yes

CloudLinux: Yes


CrocWeb First Run (No Caching)

First run as usual I hit the test site with 50 Concurrent users, and Crocwebs hosting handled it quite well. Server response time stayed fast and there were no failed transactions. We still have some room left on CPU and RAM.


siege -c50 -d3 -t10M -i -f /usr/local/etc/crocweb_urls.txt

Lifting the server siege…
Transactions: 15485 hits
Availability: 100.00 %
Elapsed time: 599.55 secs
Data transferred: 511.02 MB
Response time: 0.43 secs
Transaction rate: 25.83 trans/sec
Throughput: 0.85 MB/sec
Concurrency: 11.05
Successful transactions: 15485
Failed transactions: 0
Longest transaction: 6.06
Shortest transaction: 0.06






Let’s see what we can squeeze out of it before having to add caching. At 75 concurrent users we pegged CPU at 100% but there were 0 failed transactions, server response time average was 1.04 seconds. I bumped it up to 100 Concurrent users and there were no failed transactions but longest transaction is just over 7 seconds and server response time is 1.70 seconds which is getting up there and anything more is asking for losses in users and possibly Google penalties.  All in all pretty decent and another testament to the efficiency of Litespeed and how it handles things under load.


CrocWeb Second Run (WP Super-Cache)


Adding WP Super cache improved things substantially. At 500 concurrent users we start seeing issues (failed transactions). Here is the results @500c.


siege -c500 -d3 -t10M -i -f /usr/local/etc/crocweb_urls.txt


Lifting the server siege…
Transactions: 154971 hits
Availability: 100.00 %
Elapsed time: 599.31 secs
Data transferred: 5130.70 MB
Response time: 0.43 secs
Transaction rate: 258.58 trans/sec
Throughput: 8.56 MB/sec
Concurrency: 110.50
Successful transactions: 154971
Failed transactions: 4
Longest transaction: 7.64
Shortest transaction: 0.05


That is great bang for the buck and better even than Cloudways who currently sits in the # 5 spot on our Top 5 list (until now).

One thing I noticed while testing is that the server I was on, was using swap heavily which is a real concern. The server using swap heavy like that long-term has a high chance of causing performance and stability issues.



The one time I have had occasion to contact CrocWeb support through ticket, the response was very fast (under 5 minutes). The response was also the resolution to the problem and so I was impressed with CrocWeb support VIA ticket. The combination of performance to price ratio and fast support response and resolution puts CrocWeb firmly in our #5 position on our Top 5 WordPress Hosts, taking over the spot from Cloudways!








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